So You Have a WordPress Website..Now What?

Congratulations! You’ve just launched your brand-new WordPress website with the help of Logic Web Media. It’s an exciting milestone, and you’re probably eager to see your digital presence grow and flourish. But here comes the inevitable question: “Now how will I get visitors?” It’s a common concern among website owners, and understandably so. Many assume

By AnnMarie Minichiello  |  October 13, 2023

5 WordPress Mistakes To Avoid

When first creating a WordPress site it’s important to remember these tips. They’ll save you future headaches. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems roaming the internet. Why? It’s easy functionality and custom web design options. Basically, it allows you to fully customize the design and function in order to have a

By AnnMarie Minichiello  |  August 1, 2023

9 Ways a Custom WordPress Site Can Help Your Business

We built over over 100 websites last year. As a web design company, we think it’s fair to say that we know a good website design when we see one. Every time we build a new website, we consider the unique needs and image of the company we are building it for. What is their

By AnnMarie Minichiello  |  December 11, 2017

Web Design & Development for Business Growth

Whether big or small, all business owners want their businesses to grow. If you are concerned about your business growth, you’re not alone! We at Logic Web Media can help you achieve your goals and expand your reach with a professionally designed and developed website. Your first task is to decide what you want your

By AnnMarie Minichiello  |  June 20, 2016

Part 2: WordPress Terms You Should Know

After a short break from our part 1 post, we’re happy to continue with the WordPress terms you should know part 2. Logic Web Media, located in Huntington Long Island is a web design company, specializing in custom WordPress development.   Custom Fields Custom fields are used when you need more than just the basic

By AnnMarie Minichiello  |  December 5, 2015

Part 1: WordPress Terms You Should Know

Logic Web Media is dedicated to providing quality websites. We have experience building custom designed websites, with WordPress being one of the most popular back-end content management systems. Understanding WordPress terms will help you better understand how useful this powerful platform can be. WordPress terminology can be confusing at first, but this post will allow

By AnnMarie Minichiello  |  December 4, 2015