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A quality web design can make or break your business. Our web designs are functional and user friendly, which helps maintain visitor retention. We always have the user in mind when developing our websites, because we understand that interaction is key to a site’s success. Here at Logic Web Media, we take the time to understand the needs of your business and your customers so that we create the best website to meet your business goals.

Custom Development

Have a unique idea or need a custom admin panel? Here at Logic Web Media we are experts in custom WordPress development. Just tell us your ideas, and we can make it happen!

WordPress is a powerful open-source software that can create more than just a blog. While it was created mainly for the purpose of blogging, the savvy web developers at Logic Web Media utilize this software to build impressive websites with a multitude of functions.

We don’t use templates, we don’t outsource our work. Your website will be custom designed to your liking and then coded from scratch right in our office. We will then develop the WordPress functions to suit your needs. This allows our clients to manage their content, text, images, users, and other elements from an easy to use back-end admin panel. We often tell our clients: “if you can create a Word document, you can edit your WordPress site.” With a custom developed WordPress site, you can have a beautiful site that functions well, without having to know how to code!

Website Redesigns

Do you have an existing website that is out of date or broken? Logic Web Media can help you redesign and develop your website. In most cases, you will be able to keep your domain name so that your website rankings and branding will stay in tact.

The internet world is constantly evolving, and without any maintenance or updates, your website could lag behind the competition. It could be the outdated design or navigation bar, the slow code, or, maybe, your business has simply outgrown it. To adhere to current web trends and offer customers the optimal experience, you should redesign your website every 2-3 years (at least).

At Logic Web Media, we excel in helping customers refine their digital marketing efforts and better reach new and existing customers through website redesigns. Whether your website is broken, out-of-date, or you’re just looking to refresh customers with something new, our team can take care of it for you. We can write custom code for new website functions, or refresh your website with an updated, more modern aesthetic. In most cases, you will be able to keep your domain name, leaving your website’s SEO rankings and branding intact.

Mobile Responsive

Logic Web Media can make your website 100% accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime.

Mobile responsive sites gain more traffic, since people today are doing more and more web browsing on their mobile phone versus their PC. Not having a mobile friendly web site is almost as bad as not having a website at all.

In today’s digital world, having only a desktop web site is not enough – a mobile responsive website is essential. Let Logic Web Media build your mobile website and so you can stay competitive in today’s marketplace. We can build your site so that it is adaptable to mobile devices so you can sell your products and services to the world!


Your website should express exactly what it needs to in the shortest amount of time possible. Even if your website has quality content, poor organization will dissuade customers from further engagement. In fact, most people won’t spend more than two minutes browsing-- and your business need to demonstrate its value immediately.

Our designers, developers and copywriters will collaborate to deliver a website that effectively conveys your business’s value and generates leads.

Our Web Partners

Our Website Design Process

To build the right website for your small business, it takes coordination, attention to detail, and, of course, a healthy dose of caffeine.

Research Icon

1. Research

We’ll learn all about your business, industry, brand, and what you’re setting out to accomplish with your website. We’ll check out some of your competitors, and figure out which tactics work, and which don’t.

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2. Website Design

Your website homepage makes the first impression on prospective customers. Our team of designers will incorporate your logo, colors and any other brand elements to create a design and style that fits your business.

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3. Custom Development

Once the design is approved, we will begin custom developing your website. We develop all websites using the latest technologies so that your website not only looks great, but works great.

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4. Review & Launch

Your website homepage makes the first impression on prospective customers. Our team of designers will incorporate your logo, colors and any other brand elements to create a design and style that fits your business.

What You'll Get with Our Web Design & Development Services

With Logic Web Media, you can grow your business with a successful web presence. A professionally designed & developed website helps you gain new customers and keep existing ones engaged.

More Customers

Don’t settle for a middle-of-the-line website that puts you out there without closing the sale. Having a highly functional and aesthetically appealing website means that customers will be more likely to engage with the website, and subsequently, make the right decision.


Of customers have a higher opinion of brands, services and products when they have a great mobile experiencee


Of people will bounce to a different result if the website is not mobile friendly

Improved Reputation

Especially for contractors in the service industry, word-of-mouth reputation plays a large role in shaping customer decisions. Having a quality website will demonstrate that your company is an authority in your industry. We can design a website that exudes professionalism and efficiency.


Of internet users said that they would not recommend a business with a bad website to others

Revenue Boost

A quality website may be a steep investment, but it’s one that pays itself off in droves. As you begin to gain more customers (and higher paying ones at that), you’ll find your business relying more and more on digital marketing channels like SEO and paid advertising.

3.6 Million

The average yearly revenue for a small business

5.03 Million

The average yearly revenue for a small business with a website

Improved Functionality

No two websites that we build come out the same, because we recognize that each business has unique needs. There are no limitations to the amount of features that we can build within your website. Whether you need a password-protected page for special customers, an embedded feed with your Instagram posts, or an online chat feature, we can handle the tough part for you -- all while delivering lightning-fast load times.


Of consumers will bounce from a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load

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Cutting corners on your website with pre-designed template software will only hurt in the long run. At Logic Web Media, we’re experienced in all facets of web design-- from eCommerce to service industry sites, and everything in between.

Our versatile team will take the time to explain your options, and help you to make an informed choice. Then, we’ll design and develop a custom solution that best fits the needs of your business!

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Common Web Design & Development FAQs

Whether you’re starting from scratch with a new website, or redesigning an older site, web design is complicated. It may seem like there’s a lot to know, but the team at Logic Web Media is here to guide you through the process. If you’re looking to find some quick information, check out the FAQ to the right. Or, feel free to drop us a line via phone or email and ask us anything!

Talk To Our Experts

Each website that we build is a different project with unique requirements. Generally, websites that have greater technical requirements take a longer time to build -- but the payoff makes it all worthwhile.

A simple 5-8 page website for your business will have the turnaround time of approximately 30 days. For more complex websites, such as eCommerce sites, the turnaround time can range from 30-90 days.

Yes, you can change or update your website after it’s built. As a web design company, we offer monthly service packages geared toward routine updates. Those updates include content changes, page creation, software updates, and more!

If you want a high-quality website that will generate business for the long haul, then you should avoid a templated website at all costs. These websites seem like a bargain, but have limited functionality and lifetime.

Yes, as a business owner, you will have a strong influence over the web design process. Before we move forward with any concrete development, we’ll spend a lengthy period of time communicating with you to find out exactly what you’re looking for.

Before you’ll be able to show up for relevant searches, you need to make a conscious effort in ranking for these Google searches. Our SEO team can fine-tune your website’s code and write original, high-quality blog content to help your website show up on Google.