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When your site is optimized for keywords and your content is rich with valid and relevant information, search engines will be able to recognize your website as a good response to search queries. As Long Island Web Design, Development, and SEO experts, Logic Web Media can get you found in Google.

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Organic Results

Positioning your Long Island business website to achieve organic results is the cornerstone of a successful SEO strategy. Crafting blog content that is optimized for a variety of keywords will help your product and/or service pages to reach the target audience. Our ongoing SEO efforts will help your business to reach the coveted #1 ranking spot.

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Knowledge Graph

Do you want your website to show you are a pro in your industry on Long Island? Strategically formatting the content on your website will maximize your chances of obtaining a knowledge graph spot on the search results page. Not only is this an important threshold in the internet marketing world, but it will also cement your company’s position as an industry authority!

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Local Map Results

When you own a local Long Island business and want to draw foot traffic to your store or restaurant, Google’s local map results can be an immense help. Google’s advanced algorithm can detect when people are searching for a local business, and provides detailed information about your business alongside a visual map. By implementing a methodical local SEO strategy, we can help your business to bring in new customers, and remind existing customers that you’re the best around!

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Featured Snippets

Searchers appreciate a prompt, direct answer to their query. This demonstrates your value early on. When Google discovers a well-written webpage that answers a searcher question, it may feature it at the top of the results page. Our direct, results-driven SEO approach can help your business to achieve this desirable spot.

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Our SEO Process

Simply put, SEO is a way of organizing your site’s content, coding, and links in a way that helps your results in search engines.

Did you know? Not all search engine results pages look the same! Based on the query and the location, Google will have something unique to say. The right SEO strategy and process will cultivate your ideal web presence.

A dedicated SEO strategy means that your website can reap the benefits of all sorts of exposure.

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Keyword & Competitor Research

What words or terms should your website be ranking for? Our team will conduct thorough keyword research to find keywords that have low competition and a high search volume.

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Technical Website Audit

Is your website having any technical SEO issues? Using our robust SEO software, we’ll conduct a website audit to make sure your website coding is optimized for the best search results possible. Furthermore, as Google changes its standards, we will continue to audit and update.

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Content Writing

Now that we know what you want to accomplish, it’s time for us to get to work. Our content development team will regularly write blog posts geared toward your target customers to improve your Google rankings.

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Results: Analytics & Reporting

Are you achieving your desired rankings? As we continue to implement our overarching SEO strategy, we’ll make minor adjustments based on insights from SEO analytics and reporting.

What You’ll Get with Our SEO Services

SEO is a complex and intricate process. It involves writing keyword-focused content, strategically linking website pages, and cleaning up the technical elements.

Done correctly, though, SEO will pay off in droves. These are some of the benefits that a website committed to quality SEO can expect.

Improved Search Rankings in Google

Ranking on the first page of Google is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. SEO will place your brand front and center for potential customers on Long Island. With the coming Long Island home services boom, make sure you stay ahead of your competitors.


Searches per second on Google


Of online activities begin with a search


Of users never pass page 1 of Google

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Local Searches & Map Visibility

On-the-go searchers want to find local results, immediately. Local SEO will help your store, restaurant, or other local business to attract physical traffic.


Of people use Google Maps to look up a local business

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Quality Content & Better Search Visibility

Regularly publishing blog content is the best way to keep a steady foothold in Google rankings. We will write original, keyword-focused content that will prove your industry expertise. More importantly, it will boost search engine visibility.


The percentage of traffic that the first Google result for a given query receives


Organic search accounts for over half of all website traffic


Number of words that the average first-page Google result contains

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Claimed & Optimized Social Media Profiles

The content of your brand’s social media profiles can speak volumes about your value. Our social media gurus can take a tactful approach to social media optimization, with an emphasis on SEO.

2 Billion

Searches performed on Facebook every day


Youtube is the world’s second largest search engine

50 Billion

Businesses have Facebook business pages

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Increased Call Volume & In-Bound Leads

A stronger web presence means more leads, and eventually, a bigger payday. The SEO services we provide will direct qualified and interested customers to your website, helping you to generate higher revenue.


Marketers who said that their top inbound marketing priority is improving SEO to bolster organic search presence.

73 Billion

Estimated number of phone calls that will be generated from mobile organic search by the end of 2022.

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Analytics Reporting & On Going Maintenance

Even the most successful SEO campaigns require on-the-spot adjustments. We’ll use our advanced analytics tools to find opportunities to improve, and fine-tune your website.

Additionally, we will provide ongoing site maintenance. This includes software updates and any other basic website edits you may need. As Long Island web developers, Logic Web Media can boost your SEO while maintaining your website.


Websites that use WordPress as a CMS


Amount of tools that we use to evaluate your website’s SEO progress

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Simply Having A Website Isn't Enough!

Many websites remain invisible to search engines without seo services. Logic web media’s talented team will bring your site out of the dark,and into the light! We lay the groundwork for SEO services in the development stages of your website, and continue to build upon that framework after your site is completed. Additionally, we can optimize your existing website to improve your web presence and search rank.

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Common SEO FAQs

SEO is a complex topic, and there’s a lot to learn. But, it’s easy to understand once you start reading about it (then again, we are huge SEO nerds). Check out the FAQ below for some quick pointers.

Talk To Our SEO Experts

The best way to draw more traffic to your website is by engaging in organic SEO! Fine-tuning the website code to inform search engines about the website, routinely publishing blog content, and adjusting the strategy as needed will help us to increase your website’s traffic. It may take time, but these rankings will have longevity.

Alternatively, you can also combine paid advertising and SEO for a multifaceted approach to internet marketing.

That depends on the size of your following.

If your startup company only has ten Facebook followers (and one of them is your roommate), then social media won’t do much in the way of generating traffic. On the other hand, if your reputable company has 10,000 Twitter followers, then it’s possible that a well-liked Tweet could boost your rankings-- especially for a niche topic.

So, just because you have a social media presence doesn’t mean you should stop all of your website’s SEO efforts. For the best results, you should invest in both of these channels.

Done correctly, SEO should be a long-term commitment that yields long-term result. Each website we take on faces a different set of challenges in the SEO process, and consequently, the timetable varies on a case-by-case basis. After publishing blog content, it should take Google’s crawlers-- which are constantly surfing the web for new content to index-- about two months to find new content, and index it.

Yes! SEO takes time, but will ultimately provide the long-term results that your website needs. Paid advertising options, such as PPC ads offered through Google, Facebook, and Instagram, can fill the temporary void by routing new traffic immediately. However, it’s important for businesses to not be overly reliant on traffic from paid advertising. Paid advertising should supplement steady SEO traffic.

In short, no.

You might think that you are the best possible person to blog for your business-- after all, you know more about it than anyone. But, the truth is that our content writing team pays close attention to keywords, linking, and other technical elements. Without the proper care, your SEO efforts may actually end in a penalty from Google. The best decision is to leave SEO to our experienced team!

Google Maps is a valuable tool, and will help local customers to find your business. But, in order for customers to discover your business through Google Maps, there are a few actions that your business must take. First, you must verify the account listing with Google. This ensures that your business is legitimate, and located in the designated location. Secondly, you must write an accurate description of your business, both for users and Google.

Finally, you need your customers to engage with your Google business listing! The more reviews that your company’s profile receives, the higher the chance that Google will perceive it as more relevant. With higher ratings, your company will have a greater appeal to users.