Part 2: WordPress Terms You Should Know

By AnnMarie Minichiello
December 5, 2015

After a short break from our part 1 post, we’re happy to continue with the WordPress terms you should know part 2. Logic Web Media, located in Huntington Long Island is a web design company, specializing in custom WordPress development.


Custom Fields Custom fields are used when you need more than just the basic title and body fields. The title of your WordPress post, is a custom field generated automatically by WordPress. Using custom fields to add additional content, media or other information, makes WordPress extremely useful. For instance, ne of our clients requested a specific area they could post their pricing schedules each week, we created a custom field where the client could simply click add pricing and upload the file at their discretion.
Plugin A WordPress plugin allows you to add additional features to your website. WordPress plugins are not always reliable, at Logic Web Media, we custom design and develop these additional features from scratch. Avoiding plugins, by having a developer create these features from scratch, is a much safer solution.
Widgets These are areas on a website used to perform designated functions. Examples of widgets are search boxes, category sections and sidebars, these widgets are automatically set up when you install WordPress onto your server. Widgets are user interface elements which allow the user to make adjustments to the widget from the fronted.
Permalinks These are permanent URL’s written to your individual blog post in order to be able to trace back to the post. An example of a permalink looks like this “,” the letter n will be replace by the title of your blog post. Although you may update your blog post, the permalink will never change. The WordPress default permalink structure is not very attractive. Changing the permalink structure in the appearance settings of your dashboard, allows you to have a more professional online presence.
Featured Image The featured image is most frequently used for uploading the main image of your blog post. The featured image is best interpreted, as the picture that represents or relates to your blog post.
Themes A WordPress theme is the function and visual aesthetic of your website. In simpler terms a WordPress theme is the clothes your website wears. When you install your WordPress website the default theme is not cute, however switching themes can make a drastic difference. When creating a WordPress website at least one theme is required to be installed. At Logic Web Media, we create custom themes in order to provide gorgeous websites that are one of a kind. When you choose to have your website designed by us, we guarantee it will be an original.


If you’re in need of help with your website give us a call we’d be happy to help. We have over 10 years experience, speaking WordPress language, building custom websites, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, e-commerce and more. Our web services are always tailored to best fit your individual needs.

We hope this blog helped you gain clarity of the very contradicting language of WordPress. Did we cover all the terms you were looking for? If not let us know we’ll be happy to add more!

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