The Coming Long Island Home Services “Gold Rush” of 2024

As a native Long Island web design and marketing company, Logic Web Media is proficient when it comes to helping businesses succeed. Our team of professional account managers has been at this for quite a while, and we’ve even picked up some tricks along the way. This brings us to a trend we have been

By AnnMarie Minichiello  |  December 12, 2023

Long Island Web Development: ADA Compliance & Your Business

In the fast-evolving landscape of web development, accessibility is not just a buzzword. It’s a fundamental aspect that can make or break the success of your online presence. For businesses on Long Island seeking web development services, Logic Web Media is a one-stop shop. Furthermore, we have extensive experience in web development for ADA compliance.

By AnnMarie Minichiello  |  November 21, 2023

Upgrading to Google Analytics 4: A Smart Move for Your Website

In today’s digital landscape, staying ahead of the curve is essential for the success of any online business. One significant aspect of maintaining a competitive edge is keeping track of your website’s performance and user behavior. Google Analytics has long been a go-to tool for webmasters and marketers. And, with the introduction of Google Analytics

By 20logicwebmedia20  |  September 10, 2023

Leveraging the Power of AI for SEO Content Creation

A Logical Approach by Logic Web Media In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is not just a strategy, but a necessity. Long Island’s very own Logic Web Media understands this all too well. As a dynamic web design and development company with a keen focus on Google AdWords and

By AnnMarie Minichiello  |  March 5, 2023

State Sales Taxes: Your eCommerce Store Needs a Major Update

In the modern eCommerce age, we purchase products online quite a lot. In the first quarter of 2018, eCommerce sales accounted for 9.5% of all sales. As eCommerce becomes more prevalent, the government has taken steps to regulate online sales the same way that they regulate in-store purchases. A recent Supreme Court ruling is now

By AnnMarie Minichiello  |  June 29, 2018

Mobile-First Indexing: Is Your Site Ready?

Google’s search algorithm is constantly evolving to improve user experience, and the latest change could spell danger for older websites. Google has responded to the ever-increasing number of mobile searches by favoring mobile websites. They first expressed this preference via the Webmaster blog in 2016. This post detailed plans to base all search results on

By AnnMarie Minichiello  |  June 11, 2018