Voice Search Part 2: Long Island SEO

Search engine technology is constantly evolving, in light of both consumer trends and emerging technologies. This is a follow-up to our most recent blog post, which discussed the rapid evolution of voice search. For Long Island businesses, voice search is more important and relevant than ever. Even lifetime Long Islanders with a knowledge of the

By AnnMarie Minichiello  |  May 31, 2018

Voice Search Part 1: What is it?

The world wide web was launched in 1990. Google, the leading search engine, was created in 1998. Over the years, Google has updated its algorithm to streamline the search process for users, providing more accurate results. In recent years, Google has prioritized mobile search, causing industry experts to consider mobile an absolute necessity. While mobile

By AnnMarie Minichiello  |  May 24, 2018

March 2018 Google Updates: Did Your Site Tank Recently?

Have you noticed a distinct drop in your rankings and traffic during March-April 2018? You’re not the only one. Many people worry that they have been issued a Google penalty when they see sharp downward movements, but this is not always the case. Google makes major, broad updates to their algorithm several times a year.

By AnnMarie Minichiello  |  April 23, 2018

How Can the Repeal of Net Neutrality Affect Small Business Websites?

Unless you have been under a rock, you have heard the term “Net Neutrality” being thrown around a lot lately. It is a complicated topic to discuss, but it is one that will affect every American. What makes it so complicated is that no one is too sure of the exact effects the repeal will

By AnnMarie Minichiello  |  December 19, 2017

2017: How Google’s SSL Update Will Affect Your Business

Do you have a form on your website? Well, that is a silly question. Here at Logic Web Media, we have never built a website without a form. If your website doesn’t have a form, then you will be missing leads and contacts from your website. Without that lead-capturing feature, your website is essentially rendered

By AnnMarie Minichiello  |  September 1, 2017

Google “Fred” Update: Search Impact and Recovery

Did your search rank and web traffic drop? It is possible that your site was affected by the most recent semi-major Google algorithm update. Now, I realize that to most of our client-base that this article will like a lot of nerdy tech jargon. However, having a website that drives traffic and brings in new

By AnnMarie Minichiello  |  May 15, 2017