Why you Shouldn’t Use WordPress Plugins

By AnnMarie Minichiello
November 16, 2015

Trends come and go throughout the internet, yet WordPress seems to be here to stay.

At Logic Web Media, Long Island’s leading web design and development company, we have experience recovering websites that have been flooded with excessive plugins and code. If the face of your business is reliant on a third party, non-verified plugin, this could be very dangerous. WordPress is always updating in order to ward off hackers, if the plugin you installed is not compatible with the most recent update, you’ll have a serious problem.

Now lets back track a bit for those of you unfamiliar with WordPress..


What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS), this platform is free and can be used for developing websites, blogs and even e-Commerce websites. Logic Web Media employs a team of WordPress developers proficient in many facets of the online website development world.

What is a Plugin?

A WordPress plugin is a piece of software that allows you to extend the functionality of your WordPress website. A plugin can help your website perform functions it’s not normally set up to carry out.

How do they work together?

Plugins can be installed onto your website, in order to allow specific functions to perform. These functions can be as simple as integrating a contact form, or as complex as transforming your website to an e-Commerce store. Plugins work together with WordPress to give the basic internet user the ability to build their own website, however out of the box without plugins there’s limited functionality.
Not all WordPress plugins are created equally. Therefore, if you chose to install a plugin onto your website, rather than have a web developer code it for you, understand there are consequences.

If you’re choosing not to update WordPress out of fear the plugin will not be compatible, your website will become more susceptible to hackers. In these sort of situations your best bet is to hire a web design and development company to custom build these functions. At Logic Web Media, we’re designers and developers first, any functionality available in a plugin can be seamlessly integrated into the code of your website.
With years of experience building custom websites, we can say with confidence, plugins are not the replacement of web developers. Plugins may be acceptable for adding functions to a simple blog or a small shop using WordPress for a web presence. However any person who is serious about succeeding in their online business should not use plugins.

Possible Harm WordPress Plugins Can Cause

  • Plugins can break your website.
  • Some plugins can slow down load times which is bad for search engine optimization.
  • When your plugins are updated they can cause glitches within the website.
  • Updating WordPress can cause your plugins to stop functioning.


By having web developers custom build your websites functions, you never have to worry about your site crashing after an update. Logic Web Media’s team of web professionals can build custom code for any website big or small. Using custom code will safeguard your business and make sure every click counts. Although there may be circumstances where plugins can be used real web developers should be able to code and design everything without WordPress, plugins or frameworks.


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