Search Engine Optimization vs. Paid Search

By AnnMarie Minichiello
December 16, 2015

Are you looking to drive traffic to your website or get better results in Google? There are many approaches to driving user traffic, primarily this is achieved through online advertising, paid search, organic search, social media marketing and link strategies.

For the purposes of this post we will be comparing paid search (PPC) vs. organic search (SEO) and explaining the benefits of each.


Paid Search

When you choose a paid search campaign, you create a budget, add specific target keywords and start your campaign. There’s two types of paid search, pay per click and cost per impression. Cost per impression (less popular) is the process of paying each time your ad is viewed and pay per click is well, self explanatory.

Benefits of Paid Search:

  • Paid search provides immediate results
  • Guaranteed to show up for preferred keywords
  • Provides user insights
  • You’re able to schedule ads and specify by location.

Organic Search

Organic search is the process of ranking in Google’s search results, based on the search engines algorithms. In order to rank in organic search you must follow Google’s guidelines and prove worthy of the ever changing user-centric algorithms. When hiring a company for search engine optimization the goal is to reach the first page, let’s be real no one looks at the second page of google.

Benefits of Organic Search:

  • It’s free (unless you hire a company)
  • Organic search results are highly trusted by users
  • Once your rankings increase it’s easier to stay in place


Choosing between paid search or organic search depends on your immediate goals. We recommend organic search because once your rankings are where you’d like them to be, it’s a lot less expensive than paid search.

If you’re in need of hiring a company for search engine optimization contact the experts at Logic Web Media. We have a team full of SEO specialists, content strategists and data analyst all working toward one goal, to get you better results on Google!

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