E-A-T Your Search Engine Optimization

By AnnMarie Minichiello
December 17, 2015

A few weeks ago, Google released a 160 page quality rating pdf guideline. Google creates quality guidelines, to help it’s search quality raters understand how to judge the websites they’re reviewing.

The reviews provided by Google’s search quality raters will not directly influence their rankings in Google. Google uses these reviews solely for the purpose of their own experiments, with the ultimate goal of providing the most accurate search results for users.

Here we will discuss the term labeled E-A-T, which was a main factor covered in Google’s guideline. Understanding E-A-T can help you learn how to enhance your websites search engine optimization.



Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness

Google considers these three components when judging the quality of your content. Google wants to know who’s writing this content, are they an expert in the industry? Why does their opinion matter?


Who Qualifies As An Expert?

Expertise will vary by field or industry. If you’re reviewing a hotel for your travel blog and have visited many hotels across the world, you can be considered an expert traveler. On the other hand if you’re a copy writer creating content on medical advice, keep in mind your an expert writer not a doctor. Unless you were previously a Doctor you must be careful on how your content is crafted. In these situations by encouraging copy writers work side by side with experts in the industry the quality of the content will be less likely to be untrustworthy.


Tips On Enhancing E-A-T

If your an SEO looking to create quality content, highlighting your clients field of expertise is a great way to start. If you’re providing search engine optimization services for a law firm, create a section “our lawyers,” and boast about all of their credentials. This will help build trust and properly display their branded expertise. Highlighting their expertise shouldn’t stop there, you can encourage lawyers to write a blog post and apply their signature to the content.

Using experts to create your websites content will ensure the information being displayed is accurate, helpful and most importantly, high quality. Other ways to ensure the website content follows Google’s expertise, is to have experts in the field review your work and provide a stamp of approval. When appropriate you can also invite guest writers to create a post. If this guest is an expert in the field with an established online reputation, this could potentially boost your SEO.

Quality content is here to stay at Logic Web Media – we know what works. Honesty, accuracy, consistency are some of the important variables we include for all of our search engine optimization clients. We’ve found staying up to date with Google’s guidelines and always being user-centric is the best way to get better search engine rankings.

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