NewEra Healthcare Staffing

NewEra Healthcare Staffing is a brand new medical staffing agency. They came to Logic Web Media in need of everything to get them on the internet. This includes logo, domain, hosting, SSL certificate, web design and content creation. We were thrilled to help them get started on the internet and are excited to see their business grow!

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The Challenge

Starting from scratch comes with its challenges and benefits. Since we do not have a website to redesign, we have unlimited possibilities for their logo and home page. We also get to help them create all new content for their website, which is always exciting. On the other hand, we have no basis or understanding of the company's preferred design aesthetics.

The Solution

Logic Web Media met with the folks at NewEra to get a better understanding of their business and the type of impression they want to make on the world. We reviewed current design trends and looked at their competitors to see what type of web presence they have. NewEra's logo and website is modern and on point with the demographic and competition in their area. We provided a fully mobile-responsive website for both employers and candidates to use their services.

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