Home Energy Solutions

Home Energy Solutions delivers full-scale energy services for your home, relying on a whole-house approach to longevity. They have a service website which is built to reach clients across all of Long Island. Their existing website had outdated code and graphics.

Their website was updated using WordPress software. This gave them a content management system that was easy to use and allowed them to keep their website up to date with their latest offerings. In addition, we updated their logo and branding to give them a more modern look.

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The Challenge

Home Energy Solutions had a website using outdated coding and graphics, which affected their standing in Google. Additionally, they do not look as legitimate as the competitors on Long Island.

The Solution

The new website has a much more modern look, which helps to establish trust with potential customers and gives the company a more credible appearance. The site is also now mobile responsive, so users can easily view it on any device. Overall, the new website is much more user-friendly and engaging, which will help to improve leads and conversions.

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