Mariwalla Dermatology

Mariwalla Dermatology is a popular dermatology practice in West Islip. Specializing in skin cancer, Dr. Mariwalla provides a variety of services.

At Logic Web Media, we provide comprehensive web services to private medical practices across Long Island. The Mariwalla website captures Logic’s experience and breadth of work.

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The Challenge

Mariwalla Dermatology came to Logic with two challenges. First, they needed a new website that would showcase the practice and its services. Second, they wanted to increase online visibility to attract new patients.

The Solution

Logic recommended a complete redesign of the Mariwalla website. The new site is built on WordPress, a content management system that makes it easy for the practice to update content and news articles. The site is also responsive, meaning it will adjust to any screen size, from desktop computers to mobile phones.

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