American Industries Corp

American Industries Corp came to Logic Web Media with the need for a website redesign. Their high-end glasswork needed to be reflected in a high-end website. With strategic planning and using modern web practices, we were able to give AIC the perfect website redesign.

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The Challenge

Without an up to date website, AIC was losing conversions. Their website did not reflect their quality of work. Additionally, they did not have a mobile responsive design, nor did they have a way to update their website with recent works.

The Solution

Logic Web Media heard all of AIC's concerns and came up with the perfect plan for their website redesign. Using modern web practices, we were able to design a site that not only looked great, but worked great too. Their website is fully mobile responsive, which allows for customers to find them anywhere.

Furthermore, we custom developed a project portfolio that fit their specific needs. AIC can update their projects with pictures, text, and links. This allows them to showcase all their wonderful work. Logic Web Media took them through a short training of their backend system, and now they are in full control of their website.

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