Bagel Buzz

Bagel Buzz is a local Long Island bagel store in need of a modern web design. Additionally, due to the nature of their business, they need a quality mobile responsive website. Users are Googling businesses on the go, especially when searching for food. If they can not find a website or a menu to view, they are likely to go somewhere else, where they know what to expect.

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The Challenge

Bagel Buzz came to Logic Web Media with professional food photography to use on their website. Since this is often the biggest challenge when building a new website, they started off on a great foot. However, they did not have content to populate the website, nor a digital version of their menu.

The Solution

Our talented web design team designed a modern website based on their logo and imagery. The website uses their signature colors of yellow and dark gray to represent the bumble bee in their logo.

With extra attention to detail, we crafted their mobile responsive website with the on-the-go user in mind. Their mobile web presence allows the user to not only find their information quickly, but view their menu clearly so they have a better chance of converting to a customer.

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