Atlantic Shores Home Buyers

As a local Long Island web development company, we are always happy to gain clients within our neighborhood. Luckily for us, Atlantic Shores Home Buyers are located right down the road from our Northshore location. They came to us with a new business venture, and we were happy to help them succeed with an effective web presence.

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The Challenge

Atlantic Shores did not have a current website for us to gain inspiration from. Moreover, they didn't even have a logo, so we were starting from scratch. Atlantic Shores needed an effective web presence including a great web design, photography, web content, and more.

The Solution

By sitting with our design team, Atlantic Shores was able to communicate their design needs. We created an elegant web design with their preferred colors, fonts, and overall aesthetic. Additionally, our talented team of copywriters were able to create content based on initial discussions with the company. The website content is SEO optimized and clearly explains their services. Atlantic Shores received a website that will effectively represent their company well into the future.

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