Who Else Wants Bigger E-Mail Lists?

By AnnMarie Minichiello
December 17, 2015

E-mail marketing is the way businesses stay in touch with clients and customers. Email marketing provides an increase of sales and shares helpful information.

Here we will discuss the best ways to properly integrate e-mail marketing into your website.


Pop-Up Newsletters

This feature will initiate a pop-up, promoting users to enter their e-mail as soon as they land on your website. Pop-up newsletters that have persuasive content such as “sign up to learn how to build your email lists in less than 5 minutes,” are very successful. Use what your selling to your advantage, by creating urgency and informing your visitor if they sign up, they’ll receive valuable information.

Sales Promotion Incentives

Product discounts or free gifts are one of the most effective ways for capturing e-mails from online visitors. We’ve all signed up for newsletters to save 20% off at one point or another. Who wouldn’t?

Integrate E-mails Into Social Media

Social media and e-mail marketing are like two best friends that should go everywhere together. In other words, all e-mail campaigns should include social icons and all social media opt in forms, if applicable. e-mail marketing services such as Mailchimp allow you to have your e-mail campaigns automatically post to Facebook and Twitter.

Once you’ve decided on the best way to capture your specific users e-mail it’s time to figure out how to maintain customer retention and keep them interested. Although we won’t cover this here, I’ll leave you with this, no matter what you do, when it comes to e-mail marketing it’s all about testing. Testing is what will give you the most useful insights and teach you how to improve your e-mail campaigns.

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