Logic Web Media: 2016 By The Numbers

By AnnMarie Minichiello
January 9, 2017

The end of the year is always a time of reflection. We look at the past 12 months and recognize what we’ve accomplished, and what goals we have for the approaching year. It can be pretty insightful. The same absolutely holds true for the work we get done here at Logic Web Media. We’ve gathered up our statistics from 2016 and the results have really helped put our work into perspective.


On The Clock

We like to think we devote a good chunk of our time to our clients’ needs. Between emails and phone calls, we keep a strong link between our office and our clients. Our design process is very interactive and the stats prove it. In 2016 we spent a total of 2,346 hours working on the needs of our clientele.

Coffee and Web Design

Keeping Motivated…and Awake

The Web Monkeys and I have no shame in the fact that we need to stay caffeinated. Between making pots of coffee in the office and a couple of emergency runs to Starbucks every week, we have collectively consumed 5,735 cups of coffee this year.

The Busy Blogger

Statistics are really eye opening. I take a lot of pride in creating content for our clients’ sites, and my goal is to always have my fingers at the keyboard. Maybe I’m doing something right, because numbers show that 219 blog posts have been written this year. That breaks down to 87,600 words! Many of our clients are SEO clients, meaning that our posts help increase their visibility on search engines. Out of all of the words we’ve typed, 378 of them were keywords that were brought to Page 1 of Google! Those are some really great numbers, and my fingers are ready to take to the keyboard for 2017. Glad we make so much coffee!


How Many Sites Did We Actually Build?

Of all the components that make up our company, the overall goal is to create awesome websites. From creating designs, content, images, and everything else that goes into a quality site, everyone is always hard at work to get them live. It’s no easy task, but it seems we’ve risen to the challenge and built 104 websites in 2016. That averages out to 1.99 sites a week. Out of all the sites we’ve created, 32% of them are eCommerce sites, so we’ve helped our clients keep selling their fantastic products and services.


It’s pretty cool to look at the work our team has produced in just one year. All of the elements came together to make 2016 a success and I’m really astounded by these numbers. Let’s raise the bar for 2017 and get to work on another successful year! I’ll start the coffee.

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