If You Build It, They Will Buy It

By AnnMarie Minichiello
June 18, 2013

The reality is that most people are codependent with their phones today. Our smart phones tell us what clothes we should wear for the weather and the exact locations of our friends who didn’t invite us out. They give us reminders when we are near certain stores so we can get that tube of toothpaste we forget we need until the exact moment that we need it the most and if you can think of it, chances are there’s an app for that too. If you’re running a business that sells products or services, you need a mobile site. Mobile phones and tablets are used to search products and services more than a laptop or PC these days.

Have you ever looked up a website that wasn’t responsive to the device you were accessing it from? It’s frustrating, unprofessional, and completely useless. Most people will just navigate to the next Google result that is mobile-ready simply for the ease of the layout.

Here are 5 advantages to making your website mobile friendly:

1.  More Visits: People use many different types of devices to browse the web, do research, shop and just kill time. Having a mobile friendly website allows users to interact with your website and will decrease your sites bounce rate, which is the rate that users leave the site after entering it. Google takes bounce rates and mobile optimization into account when measuring your site’s ranking. You may be an SEO pro, but without a mobile site you are bringing a knife to a gun fight.
2.  More Usability: Websites that are not optimized often have image and text distortion when viewed from mobile sources. People will have no idea what they are looking at and can’t read what’s happening. Chances are that what you’re selling isn’t worth the hassle of straining or buying blindly. Your visitors are moving on…
3.  More Competitive Edge: You will stand out among competitors with a mobile ready site. Even if you have no idea what you are talking about or have no idea what SEO actually is, your company will appear more modern and forward thinking. We are living in a material world, and we are all material girls: Image is everything.
4.  More Interaction and Integration With Offline Media: Mobile sites have the ability to merge the online and offline. A great example of this is QR codes, which can be used to bring possible customers to  additional information or a coupon for services. This helps you build a relationship with your customers.
5.  More Sales: The statistics are all different when it comes to this, but an average number is 90% and we’ll go with that. 90% of all purchases begin online. People make their purchasing decisions more immediately when they are on the go and have it at their fingertips.
Mobile responsive design

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