What do you hear: SEO or AdWords?

By AnnMarie Minichiello
May 23, 2018

Listen carefully– which one do you hear? Trick question: the right answer is both!

The internet recently erupted over what, at first, seemed like a relatively simple question: do you hear Yanny or Laurel? This complicated audio file drove a wedge between even the closest friends in the internet community. I first listened to the audio file with my earphones in the office, and heard Laurel. Later that very day, I listened to it in a different environment, and heard Yanny. The moral of the story? Sometimes the right answer is ambiguous.

But not with internet marketing.

2 Ways to Market Your Small Business

They say you should never put all of your eggs in one basket. Oddly enough, this dated idiom still applies in the internet marketing world for small businesses. Small businesses face an unprecedented amount of competition, both online and in the world. To beat out the competition and keep a strong foothold in the industry, your business needs to have a comprehensive internet marketing strategy. This involves devoting resources to both SEO and AdWords.


SEO: Long-Term Effort, Long-Term Payoff

What Is it?

For small businesses seeking to earn new customers, dedication to search engine optimization (SEO) is imperative. The right SEO strategy will help your website to achieve higher organic rankings in Google searches.

Search engines look at many variables when determining web rankings. So, when potential customers search for keywords related to your company or industry, your website will be more likely to appear on the search engine results page. In other words, you’ll have valuable exposure.

What Can I Do?

The entry point for small business SEO is a keyword-focused blogging strategy.

Writing blog posts about your industry sounds simple on paper. But, earning the sustained results that you are seeking requires a more involved approach. Keyword research ensures that your website is pursuing lucrative keywords with a high search volume. Interlinking helps lend credence to new articles. Finally, only experienced internet bloggers can effectively write SEO blog content.

Fortunately, our SEO company can take care of the whole process!

Why do I Need it?

In a strange way, Google’s algorithm has impacted the public’s perception. Google assigns the #1 ranking spot to the website that it deems the most relevant. In turn, users have attributed the same prestige to the result in the first spot, and the rest of the first page.

Attracting potential customers to your website through SEO will certainly secure new leads for your business.


AdWords: Low Effort, High Reward

What Is it?

Shortly after Google became the globally accepted search engine, they launched the AdWords program. Today, AdWords is still an integral component of any well-rounded internet marketing campaign. Unlike ranking for organic results, in which marketers must consistently make efforts to rank this paid advertising option offers internet marketers a simple opportunity to gain first page exposure through a bidding system.

When somebody searches for a particular keyword, Google’s search algorithm locates any relevant advertisements. If there are several, it will conduct an auction. After determining which advertisement won the auction, it will position this result at the top of the results page. It will also place the runners up (if applicable) in the top and bottom of the other results pages.

What Can I Do?

Anyone can plug in a few keywords for an AdWords campaign. To generate maximum ROI, though, your company should hire a certified and experienced AdWords professional.

Experienced AdWords professionals calculatedly assign experimental budgets in the beginning of the campaign to test the waters. Based on the campaign’s performance, they can then adjust the budget accordingly. This nuanced process can prove quite profitable for small businesses.

Striking a balance with the budget is only half of the challenge– after searchers click on the ad, they must be compelled to take the next step in the purchasing process. That’s why AdWords managers create landing pages. These unique webpages are specifically targeted toward AdWords customers.

Why Do I Need it?

There are two main reasons that AdWords should be a part of your overall internet marketing strategy.

First, AdWords will help you grab the attention of potential customers immediately. Impatient customers may not look beyond the first result.

Second, AdWords is a fairly hands-off advertising method. After configuring the advertisement, and possibly making some minor adjustments, the advertisement will work on its own.


Long Island Internet Marketing from Logic Web Media

With placement as the top organic and advertisement result, your website will reach new levels of exposure. Not only will this generate more clicks for your website, but it will also establish your website as a point of authority in the industry.

At Logic Web Media, our team takes a multifaceted approach to digital marketing. Engaging in both SEO and internet advertising will help you to maximize your potential to earn new customers. Contact us to begin revolutionizing your internet marketing strategy, and drastically increase your ROI!

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