Paid Internet Marketing: What Are the Options?

By AnnMarie Minichiello
September 5, 2023

Building a website is a lot of work. You need to find an aesthetic that fits your brand. Then you need to write informative and persuasive copy for web pages. You also need to create a navigation system, and consider the end-user. But what’s the point of building a website if nobody can find it online?

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever for your business to be easily found online. A poor internet presence can quickly make your business obsolete. While SEO is the answer for long-term visibility, paid search can help your business be found immediately.

As professionals, we know the best internet marketing strategies involve both SEO and paid advertising.


Paid Marketing vs. Organic: What’s the Difference?

For your small business, there are many differences between SEO and paid marketing.

Organic results are achieved through SEO efforts, and social media. It takes time, dedication, and strategic planning to be effective. In addition to satisfying your audience, you also need to consider the platform’s algorithm.

Paid results work differently. All paid marketing results will show an “ad” or “sponsored” notation that indicates the company is paying for visibility.

Exposure like this is important for reaching a larger audience. Furthermore, you can be sure that you are reaching the right audience for maximum conversions.

Check out your options for paid internet marketing.


Top 6 Paid Internet Marketing Options

1. Google AdWords

What is it?

Google AdWords is the simplest and most common paid search option. While the cost per click (CPC) can be high, the exposure is invaluable. This is especially true since Google dominates the search engine market.

How do I do it?

With Google AdWords, the key is to think critically about customer intent. Who is the customer you are targeting? What keywords are they searching for? Based on this research, our SEO company can create a list of keywords to target for optimal results.

Lastly, we will write ad copy and set up a landing page designed to optimize conversions. Depending on your personal preference, we can either use your existing AdWords account, or register a new one.

Why is it great?

One advantage that internet marketers have with Google AdWords is the ability to target specific keywords. Keywords that are more specific — for example, “SEO company” rather than “best SEO company Long Island” — are more likely to increase conversions.

Additionally, using Google AdWords, you will not have to worry about the constantly changing search algorithm.

Google AdWords

Your website can show up at the top of the search results for your target keyword.

Screen shot of Google AdWords results

Google Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are a great way to make a quick sale on your eCommerce products.

Screenshot of Google Shopping results


2. Facebook Ads

What is it?

Similar to AdWords, it’s also possible to gain a stronger reach via Facebook ads. According to Forbes, Facebook made upwards of $9 billion in advertising during one quarter of 2017 alone.

How do I do it?

It’s important to consider the goals of your Facebook ads. Are you trying to build brand awareness? Get a larger reach for your posts? Or just increase sales? These considerations will determine how you create your ads. We can use these goals to strategize and achieve your desired results.

To configure Facebook ads, you need a business page and an ad manager. If you do not already have these tools, we can easily set this software up for you.

Why is it great?

Facebook makes it easy for data-driven marketers to build an effective campaign. Some demographic filters include:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Hobbies & interests
  • Pages they follow
  • Job or relationship status
  • …and much more

The readily available insights make it easy for marketers to adjust their approach.

The right Facebook ad strategy can boost an organic Facebook marketing strategy.

Facebook Boosted Post

If your post is doing well, you can create an ad set and boost it to a relevant audience for increased exposure.

Screen shot of Facebook boosted post

Facebook Video Ad

Creating a video explaining your business is an engaging way to promote your brand.

Screen shot of Facebook video ad


3. Instagram Ads

What is it?

Brands with a visual product have a lot of success with Instagram ads. However, whether you want to increase brand presence or sell products, you can find success on Instagram.

How do I do it?

Instagram is owned by Facebook, so the demographic targeting tools are similar. In fact, we can conduct advertising on these two platforms through Facebook Business Manager. You can also boost posts without having an Instagram page of your own. But, where the two platforms are similar in tools, they differ in voice and overall purpose.

To configure Facebook ads, you need a business page and an ad manager. If you do not already have these tools, we can easily set this software up for you.

Why is it great?

Instagram is the most popular social media platform among millennials. Millennials are more selective about the people (and brands) they follow on Instagram than Facebook, or other social media channels. They are also more likely to engage with your post, which could boost it within user feeds.

Instagram Sponsored Post

Instagram ads are a great way to get more visibility, page follows, and sales. The button on the image, video, or carousel can say Shop Now, Learn More, View Profile. Sign Up, etc.

Screen shot of instagram Sponsored post


4. Twitter Ads

What is it?

While Twitter started out as a semi-social space for teenagers to voice their opinions to peers, it has become a primarily news-driven platform. It has also become the central place for brands to convey their values.

Twitter is the perfect place for brands specializing in the B2B sphere to demonstrate their worth to prospective customers.

How do I do it?

Like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter ads reach target audiences using demographic tools.

Attention-grabbing ads will stop Twitter users from scrolling through. Piecing together the ad’s various components — the text, the picture and the call to action — is the key to successful Twitter advertising. And, all of this configuration is possible through your brand’s existing Twitter account.

Why is it great?

With the right approach, advertising on Twitter can yield numerous brand awareness and product/service promotion benefits.


5. LinkedIn Ads

What is it?

Most people think of LinkedIn primarily as a resource for job seekers to network. While LinkedIn is a great place for this, B2B LinkedIn ads can also attract the attention of executives and decision makers.

How do I do it?

LinkedIn uses similar ad targeting tools, and operates through the LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

With this B2B platform, though, the voice of your posts must be tailored to appeal to other decision makers. The whimsical and informal voice that excels on Facebook and Instagram has no place on LinkedIn.

Why is it great?

Employees browsing LinkedIn are often organization decision makers. The people with the authority to go out on a limb and purchase new software, or schedule an appointment with a consultant. That’s why it’s one of the perfect platforms for B2B advertising.

While the audiences are fairly restricted, and limited to mostly the corporate world, you will find some benefit in that. Nobody is using LinkedIn recreationally — it’s entirely devoted to professional development and company improvement.


6. Display/Retargeting Ads

What is it?

Display and retargeting ads are some of the oldest internet advertising options. Channeled through Google and other leaders in the digital space, display ads appear to searchers on the top and sides of webpages.

How do I do it?

Display ads work based on cookies, which track internet patterns so marketers can make more informed decisions. So, the only real decision to make with banner ads is: what should you advertise? And how?

Why is it great?

With display and retargeting ads, there’s a higher degree of certainty about consumer interest. Using these analytics will help your company to earn a higher ROI.

While many internet users regard display ads as a form of visual white noise, studies have shown that they are remarkably successful.


Advertise Your Website with Logic Web Media

Paid advertising offers immediate results. It’s a surefire way to get new customers to notice your website, and begin investigating your services. At Logic Web Media, our team is experienced in cultivating a unique experience for customers through ads. We can find the right demographics to target, and develop a landing page to engage with those who click. Contact us to learn more about how paid internet advertising can augment your web presence.

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