OrthoCare ASAP

Central Orthopedic Group is a long-time client of ours. They came to us for help with expanding their business into an urgent care. In order to stay competitive with other Long Island companies, they would need a web presence to go with the new business.

OrthoCareASAP offers immediate treatment for all things orthopedic. They treat breaks, sprains, and more. These injuries do not happen on a schedule. Therefore, walk-in treatment is a perfect solution.

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The Challenge

Logic Web Media had little to go on to create a web presence for OrthoCareASAP. They needed web design, web hosting, and more.

The Solution

We started with the basics and built their website from the ground up. First, we created a logo. Second, the home page design was created based on the logo's branding.

From there, we used WordPress as our platform to give them a content management system.

With the basics in place, we were able to build their presence with Google AdWords.

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