East Coast Band

It is important for a reputable band to have a presentable website with samples of their music. This website for East Coast Band has a photo gallery along with a video gallery. We also have added audio clips to this site with some of the best songs sung by East Coast Band. Also we have added an easy to use schedule that the band can add events to it on their own with no hassle!

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The Challenge

East Coast Band needs a website where they can update their event calendar, music examples, and videos. Since they work so much providing music at events, they are constantly needing to update their website with content. They need a website that is user friendly as well as a modern web presence.

The Solution

Logic Web Media custom developed an easy to use website for East Coast Band. They are able to upload photography, blog posts, events to a calendar, and more. Using WordPress software, this website is also SEO-friendly.

Our talented web design team created a layout that is clean and modern. Additionally, this website is fully mobile responsive, so potential clients can find them on the go.

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