Conservative Wealth

As friends and office mates with Logic Web Media, we were happy to help out with a professional wealth management company website. They needed a website that inspires faith and trust in its visitors. Logic Web Media was up for the challenge.

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The Challenge

Conservative Wealth Management was in desperate need of website redesign services. Their existing website was very old and was not mobile responsive. Even worse, they had no ability to update their images or content. They were in desperate need of help from a full service web company like Logic Web Media. Good thing we were in the next door over!

The Solution

Using their new logo, our design team created a professional web layout. Additionally, Conservative Wealth sat down with our content writing team so that we knew what updates needed to be made and what content they needed. Website content is super important, as it allows visitors to understand what the company does and what services they provide.

Logic Web Media custom designed and developed a WordPress template that fits all their needs. Additionally, we made updating their website a breeze.

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