2017 Stats: Websites, Blogs, Music, and More!

By AnnMarie Minichiello
December 29, 2017

Ever since we started creating websites for small businesses, Logic Web Media has been on the go. 2017 has been no different. In fact, like 2016, 2017 has been quite a busy year for us. Between expanding our team of web monkeys, adding some new skills and services to our repertoire, and staying updated on web trends, we think we’ve made great use of our time. But really, that’s for you to decide. Take a look below at some of our activity over the past year.

Logo Mockups Created

93 Logo Mockups Created

Rebranding is a big job — but not too big for the expert web designer at Logic Web Media. Creating each logo involves at least a few mock-ups that explore various concepts. Then, finally, we settle on a final logo.

On average, there were about 3.58 logos per client.

Page Mockups Created

160 Page Mockups Created

Like logos, creating a new website requires coordination from a few angles. The colors on the website should be similar to the logo, but the design should also appeal to the audience– and vary slightly on subpages. As you can see, that’s no problem for us.

Total Websites Developed

84 Total Websites Developed

After the website is designed, our designer sends it off to our development team. They spend hours meticulously writing code that will keep the website intuitive, responsive, and appealing.

eCommerce Websites Built

13 eCommerce Websites Built

11 Magento 1 Shopify 1 WooCommerce

The purpose of an ecommerce content management system is to make website management a breeze. But before that can happen, they need an ecommerce store with great functionality. We configured several eCommerce stores with robust — and varying — functionality this year.

Websites Donated to Non Profits

5 Websites Donated to Non Profits

We understand the value of helping the community. To make sure that local community organizations do not go unheard, we built several websites for non-profit organizations.

Products added to eCommerce Stores

7,248 Products Added to eComm Stores

As a web design company, we never truly understood how much work goes into building an ecommerce store. Until now. We’ve spent a tremendous amount of time adding (and categorizing) new products in ecommerce stores.

SSL Certificates Installed

64 SSL Certificates Installed

In September of 2017, Google began notifying users who navigated to websites with a contact or email form, and without an SSL certificate. As one would guess, this would deter most new visitors from continuing their website visit. We helped many of our clients to install these certificates and avoid penalization.

All Websites Mobile Optimized

All Websites Mobile Optimized

These days, mobile websites are a must for companies looking to reach new audiences. At Logic Web Media, we optimized every website we built for mobile, so that all users have a great experience.

Templates Used

0 Templates Used

Web design templates are derivative, difficult to navigate and functionality-limiting. We build all of our websites with custom designs and features.

Blog Posts Written

231 Blog Posts Written

SEO is central to what we do here at Logic Web Media. That’s why we take blogging so seriously. Over the past year, we wrote these blog posts to help our clients rank, and help their customers understand their business just a little better.

Keywords Brought to Page 1 of Google

150 Keywords Brought to Page 1 of Google

After diligently writing numerous blog posts, it’s nice to see hard work pay off. Ranking on the first SERP page for organic search is the best way to earn new clients.

SEO Audits Conducted

76 SEO Audits Conducted

When we’re performing SEO-related services for a client, we always want them to be in the loop. We drafted 76 SEO reports, informing clients of keyword ranking changes throughout the year.


And now for some monkey business…


Nerf Darts Fired

Over 1,000 Nerf Darts Fired

We recently acquired some pretty heavy artillery — and we did not let it go to waste. Over the past week, we’ve fired our treasured Nerf darts over 1,000 times.

Game of Thrones Conversations

32 Game of Thrones Conversations

What does a fantasy television series with pervading anti-war themes and several incestuous characters have in common with SEO and web design? We love to talk about it! In the recent months, we’ve had several extended conversations about Game of Thrones.

Fridge Thrown from the Balcony

1 Fridge Thrown from the Balcony

Why gently place an old appliance in the dumpster if you have a balcony to throw it from? Regrettably, this only happened once.

Times Where Is My Mind Played

440 Times “Where is My Mind” Played

If you think that Where is My Mind is only famous for inclusion in the Edward Norton/ Brad Pitt cult classic Fight Club, you’re wrong. It’s also the most popular song on our office Pandora. In fact, we listened to it almost 2 times per day this year.


It Only Gets Better

We’re hoping to continue our great streak into the new year, and we hope you do too! At Logic Web Media, we’re always here to take care of all of your web design, SEO, and internet marketing needs. Contact us and we’ll do everything we can to help.

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