Improve Your eCommerce Store with Magento 2

By AnnMarie Minichiello
February 5, 2016

2016 is a crucial year for Magento store owners
to make some serious decisions regarding their online business.

Chances are that if you had Logic Web Media build your eCommerce store, it was built using Magento. This is an open-source piece of software (open-source means it’s free!) that is the best for selling your products online. We are building online stores constantly here, and we have found that literally ANYONE can use the Magento platform to add products, manage orders, manage customers, create sales and coupon codes and more.

Clients come to us after using other platforms or wanting to use them (such as Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.) but we will always use Magento. The reasons are clear: More options, more versatility, better coding structure, scalable, cost-effective, more secure, and more reliable.

If you currently have a Magento store, you may have heard about the softwares newest version: Magento 2. There has been so much buzz about it and the code geeks of the world have been swooning over it. Since the Magento 1 software was originally released, there have been many updates and security patches to help better serve the ever-growing eCommerce community. If your site was built by us, you know that your store has been updated many times in order to better serve you and protect your customers information.

The Dawn of Magento 2

The difference with this version is a major overhaul of the original platform. Instead of putting band-aids on certain areas and adding to the existing software, they went for a complete overhaul. Because this update is really more than just an update, this requires migrating from your version to Magento 2 by a web development company.

Magento has been doing extensive testing and reporting on their new software. As shown in the tweet here, they are seeing a 60% conversion rate increase!

Do you want a 60% conversion rate increase on your eCommerce store? I thought so…

The reason for these results probably comes from mainly the improved speed and performance of catalog and checkout pages. When a site is clean and snappy, customers will naturally have confidence in purchasing online. Also, the internet creates a short attention span for its users: if you don’t nab the sale right away, they will move on!

What Does this Mean for Your eCommerce Store

This means that you have the option of updating or not updating. We have migrated several stores so far and we can tell you that it is a good move!

Not only is it easy to use and faster, but it will definitely put you ahead of your competitors. If you are spending money doing SEO or AdWords on your eCommerce store, you understand the value of doing what you do better than your competition. Having a modern site that is faster and more secure will inspire confidence to gain customers and promote returning customers.

A lot of our Magento clients also use email marketing. And with the Magento 2 migration, they have been able to create bigger email lists and utilize them more frequently and in more creative ways.

The Benefits of Migrating:
1. Next level flexibility
2. Improved performance
3. More user-friendly backend system
4. 20% Faster than the older version
5. Better security
6. Improved email marketing capability
The Benefits of Not:
1. Don’t have to learn a different (but better looking) backend system
2. Avoid having to make a change (at least for a couple years)
3. Yeah…that’s about it.

The Magento 2 Differencce

If you are dealing with an eCommerce company that says it’s difficult, bad, complicated, etc…RUN! We are developers here and as developers, we understand the value of Magento software. Our clients are successful, make sales, and easily manage their stores.

What we can tell you from migrating stores to the updated version is that it is different. Across the internet you will see a mix of excitement and nervous anticipation regarding having to migrate stores to Magento 2. This is because people who use it understand what an important company Magento is to the eCommerce world as well as how complex the platform is.

If you use Magento, you know that the value of it lies in its complexity. Other platforms that are seemingly “simpler” are just that: not as advanced and will leave you several steps behind your competitors.

Some added benefits:
1. Get new ideas and improve on your virtual storefront
2. Improve overall usability
3. Get a jump on your competition
4. Eliminate any existing performance issues that come with having a relatively older site
5. Reformat your products and categories for improved conversion rates and SEO value
6. If you use extensions, you may be able to do away with them in the new version

The Logic Web Media and Magento 2 Solution

Want to step up your eCommerce game? Call Logic Web Media today and let us upgrade you to Magento 2. People all over are seeing higher conversion rates, higher customer retention, and a more manageable catalog. We can help you achieve the same results.

If you are just starting out, we can help you too! Our eCommerce solutions are already successful. Imagine starting out ahead of the game with a Magento 2 store! We can help get you up and running so that you can sell your products online with confidence to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Since Magento 2 is brand new, it is important to go with a web development company that has the experience and expertise to accomplish this task. We have several successful migrations under our belt already and we are ready to do the same for you! We are staffed with a Magento Certified Developer (actually, he is certified as a “Developer Plus” ).

Let’s Get Started!

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