2018 Stats: Organic Growth, Advertising Success & Huge ROI

By AnnMarie Minichiello
January 22, 2019

At Logic Web Media, 2018 has been quite a busy year. We’ve spent the year doing what we do best: helping businesses seize awesome selling opportunities online. Between equipping new clients with niche marketing solutions and helping existing clients to improve their digital marketing strategy, we’ve kept ourselves occupied. Whether we’re pushing custom jerseys or trucking services, we’re always thinking about the endgame: return on investment. We’re happy to report that, through a dedicated and results-driven approach, our work has paid off in droves. Curious how? Take a look at some of our awesome results from 2018 below!



Qualified Google Ad Conversions

When we say instant results, we’re not kidding. With the right account manager, it’s possible to reach plenty of new customers– even on a minimal budget. Our advertising specialists have mastered this low-spend, high-return method through a strategic, conversion-oriented approach.

We oversee ad campaigns for clients in a number of different industries, including:

  • Home Services Professionals
  • Medical Practices
  • Law Firms
  • eCommerce Retailers
  • Material and Equipment Resale

40,700 Qualified Leads From Google Ads

Even if everyone in the world sees your ad, it won’t matter if nobody clicks. Over the course of the year, our advertising specialists got (literally) thousands of clicks through targeted ads that spend every dollar in your budget wisely.

Average of $10 Earned For Each $1 Spent

No, we didn’t make that up. Online advertising is cheap— the challenge is having an account manager that understands where to place your ads, and how to draw in the right audience. As you can see, the right approach leads to awesome results.

1400% Average Return on Ad Investment

When it works, it really works. Qualified leads clicking on your ads will give your bottom line a serious boost.



Championing the Social Media Game

Social media networks are great for procrastination, but they’re also a great place for your brand to reach customers. Taking advantage of the various social media networks is critical for eCommerce brands and local businesses alike.


$7 Earned For Every $1 Spent on Facebook Ads

Facebook has the best demographic targeting tools on the internet, and the potential to reach hundreds of shoppers with minimal spending is high. For marketers, this means that the right strategy can help them to land new customers easily. For businesses, this means sky high return for every dollar spent.

231,000 Total Instagram Likes

Instagram has over 1 billion users– with some creativity and strategy, they can be your followers, too! It’s no secret that a successful Instagram marketing strategy can help you to discover new audiences, and engage with your existing audience. Throughout 2018, our social media marketing team helped numerous brands to expand their reach through a creative (yet data-driven) approach. With more eyes on your social media posts, your brand awareness and ROI will skyrocket!



Dominating Google with SEO

If you want new leads to discover your business, then your search visibility is everything. And, there’s a lot of effort that goes into bringing your website’s rankings up to the next level. Between writing content, adjusting the code, and utilizing high-traffic keywords, our SEO experts are highly effective in boosting organic rankings.


185 Keywords Brought to Page 1 of Google

Our SEO specialists don’t mess around. After thorough keyword and industry research, we helped several websites achieve and maintain Google dominance with an informed and data-driven strategy.

20% Stronger Visibility Than Competitors

Excelling in the online search game is all about diligently tracking data throughout the campaign. Our SEO team is adept at helping websites boost overall search engine visibility and finding new business opportunities.



Make 2019 Your Year to Earn New Leads

Your business can reap the benefits of an aggressive digital marketing strategy this year too! If you’re interested in gaining new leads that can become high-paying customers, then give us a call! We’ll brainstorm to determine a hard-hitting strategy for your business based on your industry and audience.

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